Saffron Tea for PMS

Saffron tea has proven itself to be a useful ally for many health related problems. Recent studies have shown it just might be the best answer for women who suffer from the painful symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. For many, the answer to these uncomfortable symptoms comes in the form of over the counter medications, many which that come with undesirable side effects. However, saffron tea is an all natural herbal solution to this issue, making it a more favorable choice among women.

What Causes PMS?

The cause behind this commonly experienced problem is sadly yet to be uncovered, however it is believed it may be a combination between hormones, genetics, diet, as well as activity levels. Some of the common symptoms that women experience during times of PMS are cramping, headaches, irritability, changes in mood, fatigue, acne, as well as joint and muscle pains. The number of symptoms experienced will vary depending on the individual and cases can range from mild to severe.

Recent Studies on Saffron Tea

A recent study conducted in the Tehran University that showed results of saffron’s ability to reduce PMS symptoms by as much as 50% when it was taken regularly over a period of time. The results of this test showed that saffron tea may be an excellent way to balance serotonin levels in the body which can help to reduce the symptoms that are commonly experienced in women who deal with premenstrual syndrome. If you are planning to use saffron tea for reducing symptoms of PMS, it is best to drink one cup a day regularly. Do not drink saffron tea if you are currently pregnant, nursing, or prescribed to medications unless you have consulted with a doctor beforehand.

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