Saffron Tea for Depression

BuddhaTea Saffron Tea Depression

Depression can be one of the most hindering problems to deal with. It can greatly interfere with your life, leaving you feeling at far less than your best. Throughout the years, many doctors have come up with various ways to deal with this particular issue. Surprisingly, not many people are aware that saffron has been well used historically in helping to decrease the symptoms of depression.

What Causes Depression?

Depression is a mental disorder. It does not have one specific cause and can develop from a combination of factors including genetics, hormonal imbalances, environmental factors, as well as psychological factors. Depression more commonly develops in men than in women as a result of many hormonal and psychological factors that women experience at a higher rate than men. Severe cases of premenstrual disorders can also be a cause of depression in women. This disorder can be a difficult to diagnose and treat depending on the type of depression that develops. The symptoms of depression with depend heavily on each individual patient and can vary greatly between men and women though typically such symptoms will include feelings of loss, lack of enthusiasm, frustration, anger, loss of appetite, change in mood, and more.

Using Saffron Tea

Drinking saffron tea has been reported to help reduce feelings of depression. Although it is not necessarily a cure for this disorder, it can be a good supplement to helping to combat the symptoms that tag along with this issue. The anti-depressant factors to be found in saffron tea make it a useful addition to reducing bouts of depression. Saffron tea is not meant to be a replacement for professional treatment. It is always advised to consult with your doctor prior to drinking saffron tea to ensure that it is the best addition to your treatment.

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