Promote Health and Wellness with Saffron Tea

Buddhateas Saffron TeaThere is a very good chance that if you are an avid tea drinker you have either heard of saffron or you drink saffron tea yourself. The saffron plant that this tea is derived from most commonly grows in Spain, India, Greece, and China.

When you endeavor to research more about this particular tea, you will find story after story about some of the interesting things that this little tea has done. It has a strong taste to it and though the scent of it is not considered to be as strong as the actual spice.

Regardless, saffron tea has been documented as a powerful herbal supplement since the days of the ancient Egyptians. Its effects on modern people are also well documented and it has been extremely difficult for mainstream medicine to ignore the health benefits that this brew has to offer.

Health Benefits of Drinking Saffron Tea


One common use for saffron tea is as a body cleanser. As was mentioned, it has elements that remove toxins from the blood and help improve the overall health of the body. The tea also works with the digestive system to eliminate excess waste and make the digestive system more efficient and creating and removing waste. It assists in removing the bad bacteria from the colon and helps to cleanse the entire digestive system. The reason it is so popular for this kind of application is because it uses a gradual process to get the digestive system to become more efficient rather than any abrupt kind of sensation.

Saffron Tea for Anxiety and Depression

Drinking saffron tea has shown to have possibility of helping to combat feelings of anxiety, stress, and even depression. Historically, this spice has been used for to help calm the mind and body and to induce positive feelings in those that drink this tea. Saffron tea has also been used to help lower high blood pressure which can be a cause and a side effect behind feelings of stress and anxiety as well.

Possible Cancer Treatment & Prevention

The most startling revelation about saffron tea is the growing number of people who have successfully used it as part of their cancer treatment. The tea contains antioxidants, similar to those in many other teas that can help enhance the abilities of the immune system to resist disease. The added element to saffron is that it has been shown to reduce the number of cancerous cells in the body and it has also been shown to reduce the size of cancerous growths as well. The primary effect it has is to contain the cancer and prevent it from spreading. This is accomplished by preventing bad cells from multiplying further in such a way that the healthy cells stay intact. In many cases, people have reported that it also helps to reduce the count of cancerous cells and assists the other medications in doing their jobs.

How to Make a Cup of Saffron Tea

Preparation: To prepare a warm cup of saffron tea simply take one tea bag and allow it to steep covered in boiled water for a period of 5 to 8 minutes. Remove the teabag afterwards. Sugar, honey, or lemon can be added for taste if desired. Saffron tea can also be chilled and enjoyed as an iced tea if desired as well.

Women who are pregnant are advised to not drink this tea. Consult with a physician prior to drinking saffron tea if you are currently pregnant, nursing, or prescribed to medications.

There are a number of other health concerns that this tea can help us with. In addition to the above mentioned, saffron has also shown promise of helping to improve the health of the heart. It has also been reported to help in healing stomach ulcers, easing gas pains, easing symptoms of menstrual issues, as well as helping to heal symptoms that are related to the common cold and flu. Saffron is considered to be one of the most valuable spices in the world, and it is clear that it is also considerably valuable as a tea as well. With all the health benefits that this tea can offer, it is well worth trying, especially if you are on the lookout for new herbal teas to try.

If you have found an interest in purchasing saffron tea, it may be hard to find it for sale locally though it is occasionally sold in health food stores. For this reason it may be far more convenient to find this tea for sale online from internet retailers and merchants. When making purchases online it is important to choose a reliable and honest online store. We highly recommend Buddha Teas as a highly dependable online tea merchant. We sincerely hope that this article answers any questions you have regarding saffron tea, however if you have further inquiries you are welcome to contact us for more information.

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